The installation of an indoor hot tub

Seasons change then do the inclinations of some bathtub buyers. As fall weather approaches, we start to receive inquiries about indoor hot tubs. Installing an indoor hot tubs for sale inside your home instead of outdoors presents its own unique set of circumstances and solutions, as you’ll find listed below. we feature thermal spring Spas, and therefore the suggestions below apply to all or any thermal spring models.

Choose the proper indoor bathtub and contractor

In the thermal spring line, the Jet Setter, Prodigy, and Hot Spot TX spas are the foremost common models for indoor use. We highly recommend you enlist the services of a contractor or architect for this sort of project. Your bathtub supplier can provide specs for any model you select .

If your bathtub goes to be housed during a new room, a gap large enough to accommodate your bathtub should be a part of the initial plan .

Consider flooring and drainage around bathtub

When you climb out of your bathtub , up to a gallon of water could follow you and find yourself on the ground . confirm you put in non-slip flooring and supply adequate drainage.

Flooring no-no’s are carpet and wood, which could deteriorate, and plastic turf-type flooring, which could allow seepage underneath which will rot the bottom .

A non-glossy or matte non-slip finish is best. You’ll pat yourself on the rear if you put in a drain within the floor, especially once you got to drain your spa to wash , service or move it.

Have quick access to water

All thermal spring Spas are portable, so no external plumbing is required . But, you’ll still need quick access to water so you'll refill your bathtub . When you’re planning your space, consider installing a water spigot nearby.

Plan for moisture within the room

When the spa cover comes off, your room becomes a steamy environment — and therefore the walls got to be built accordingly.

Glass, concrete, and rot-resistant wood like cedar are good choices. Green board or other waterproof sorts of drywall are acceptable. Remember to put in a vapor barrier to guard the wall studs from dry rot.

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