The perfect home jacuzzi design for your bathroom

Whirlpool, spa, the same name for a hot home jacuzzifilled with hydro massage jets. This sprinkling pool, already recognized by ancient civilizations for its therapeutic virtues, is synonymous with relaxation, relaxation and well-being.

How is a home jacuzzi?

The Jacuzzi takes the name of the Italian inventors, the Jacuzzi family, who originally invented the combination of hot waters (38 to 40 degrees) and massaging jets designed to alleviate their OS-affected son. In concrete terms, the jacuzzi is a hot bath, in which one may be lying down or sitting, created by a hydraulic pump system. A whirlpool may be oval, square or rectangular. The massage jets can be configured, managed and modified according to the requirements of each one of the users.

The jacuzzi is made of nozzles, operated by hydraulic pumps, which pull hot water jets and the jets of air that generate the whirlpools, a heating system that holds the water in good temperature as well as a filtering system that keeps the water clean and safe. This is absolutely drained once a quarter and one-third every one to two weeks.

What sort of whirlpool to choose?

There are a number of jacuzzi styles to mount at home. Selecting the best whirlpool depends on how you use it. For use mainly related to relaxation, you can transform into a very simple jacuzzi but, for example, enhanced by ambience lights or easy to install in a very specific location of your home or outside, conducive to relaxation. To order for the Jacuzzi to be used more therapeutically, careful consideration needs to be paid to the types of jets mounted, to their number and strength. Many jacuzzi have more athletic functions, including the existence of a counter-current with more or less intense strength which allows swimming or even rowing.

The size of your whirlpool is determined by the number of potential users. The most common models can accommodate from 2 to 8 people at a time. Every square provides different kinds of massages.

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