The Fish Bodycure


The Fish Bodycure for fun. If you want to surprise your comrades in an unforgettable ceremony: wedding, birthday, or even with your family. In short, you immerse yourself in a bathtub full of small fish that do not procrastinate for the skin to quibble. The Fish-massage for happiness, relaxation and relaxation in a generous setting. How does fish bodycure work? Garra rufa contribute to this healing treatment by feeding on dead, scabbed or affected parts of skin, thus releasing the skin in good condition and regenerating itself. With their suction-cup muzzles, because they have no teeth, they tear the psoriasis patches from the skin softened by boiling water. Once in the water, the small fish will certainly go to the place that is most saturated with dead skin for them. It's the same process as the fish pedicure, small fish that also eat away our dead skin. But here our whole body is immersed in the tub. Once diving, the Garra Rufa instantly throw themselves at us. And you may even require a snorkel to put your head underwater. Dietary level, don't panic. A bath with a disinfectant is necessary before any bath, rather relaxing. And thirty minutes later, we go out with a child's skin, like after a good exfoliation. What are the differences with the home spa? The virtues of hydrotherapy are well established. You can choose between a classic jacuzzi tub spa and a high-end spa tailored to your budget. Because of the jets and the temperature of the water when using an inflatable spa, all the muscles in your body relax and relax, which braves a feeling of relief and unparalleled respite. If you are experiencing stress or any muscle pain, the use of an inflatable jacuzzi will relax you extremely lightly. Acquiring an inflatable jacuzzi offers the major advantage of having a professional spa at home and being able to benefit at will from the miracles of hydrotherapy, such as balneotherapy, while being at home.

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