How to take full advantage of a home jacuzzi

You have many options for having a spa at home, and we are approaching summer, so take advantage of the promotions at the major spa stores to adopt one. But first, it is important to know how to use a spa and take advantage of its benefits.

Buy the best spa for you

You should shop around and find what you're looking for by checking out several essential points for an ideal spa. The spa is first of all a relaxation machine, so everything must be discovered in perfect comfort. Seats with a head rest and the possibility to move your feet even when the spa is full. The way to get into the spa must be done with the help of a staircase. The position of the nozzles that relieves you. The easily accessible control panel. You can bring refreshing drinks and drink in the middle of the spa session, so there will be a glass and bottle area at the edge of the spa. You can immediately imagine what this perfect home jacuzzi looks like.

How do the spa sessions take place?

You will not be required to eat or drink any alcoholic beverages one hour before the spa session. You will have to wear bathing suits that do not burn your skin on contact with hot water. You should adjust the temperature of the water before diving into it. Take a lukewarm shower before putting your body in the spa. You only have 30 minutes in the water and no more. Take another lukewarm shower before lazing on the bench with skin cream, or do 50 minutes of spa massage. Protect your hair, so put a bathing cap in the spa. You can treat yourself to a spa fitness session with a coaching guide.

A six-month-old baby can go in the spa for a few seconds, and a child over the age of 15 can do the 30-minute spa session once a month.

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